core business

Shut off, regulation and control of fluids and gases for industrial applications

Our know-how, technical and personalized assistance as well as a very wide range of products, allow us to bring you "tailor-made" solutions and to be present for many years on the market.

Industrial users :

  • Waste incineration plants (MWIP)
  • Iron smelting
  • Metallurgy
  • Cement plant
  • Plaster plant
  • Cogeneration plant
  • Urban heaters and industrial smokestacks
  • Petroleum
  • Petrochemicals


Fields of application :

  • Air duct, ventilation, tunnels, dust-removal, air filtration system, industrial furnaces


Based on long years of experience, we offer (Design , studies and research , welded construction, after sales services) a wide range of specific equipment :

Single and multiblades butterfly dampers
Guillotine damper, round type, référence "5310"
Guillotine damper, square type, référence "5320"
Partial seated tightness butterfly valve type V.P.E.R.
Range of double offset valves and valves in PVC and polypropylene (for aggressive and corrosive fluids).