Our Business

The shut-off and regulation of fluids

IFC is supplier of technical solution concerning shut-off, regulation and control of fluids, for industrial applications :

  • High pressure
  • High temperature
  • Corrosion
  • High viscosity
  • Explosion risk, etc...

Once your requirement defined and validated, IFC will develop a solution, giving rise to the liability, thus guaranteeing results.

The company

and products

IFC, created in June, 1986 was at the beginning a logistician , sales network in France of many European valves manufacturer. ISO 9001 certified since 1995, IFC supplies shut-off, regulations and control of fluids in perfect compliance with industrial requirements, applicable standards and Directive requirements (Under supervision of Notified Body or according to Users' requirement).

In end of 2004, IFC will benefit from the full goodwill of VRACO, integrating a wide panel of products, resulting of 30 years of experience. This complemented the range of specific applications, ranging from support in defining equipment, drafting of technical specifications, qualifications, certifications.

Our products

Our firm, in 1993, was the first to commercialize ball valves integrating environmental protection requirements (T.A. LUFT et Clean Air Act) regarding fugitive emissions.
Robinet-à-Tournant-Sphérique_01 ifc valves

Ball valves

Robinet-Papillon-WAFER-élastomère_01 ifc valves

Wafer butterfly valves, elastomer seat

Vanne-à-Guillotine ifc valves

Knife gate valve, slide valve

Robinet-Papillon-H.P.métal_-PTFE_Métal ifc valves

High performance butterfly valve (metal/metal) and "fire safe, PTFE/Metal

Robinet-à-Tournant-Sphérique-miltivoies ifc valves

Multi-way ball valves

Robinet-Papillon-chimie-(revêtu-plastomère) ifc

Butterfly valve for chemical industry (Plastomer coated)

Robinet-Forgé ifc

Forged steel valve

Robinets-Papillon-à-brides-(Siège-élastomère) ifc

Flanged butterfly valves (Elastomer seat)

Robinet-à-Tournant-Conique-ou-Cylindrique ifc valves

A plug valve, rotary valve  designed with cylindrical or conically-tapered plug

Clapets-(différentes-morphologies)-sur-fluide-clair-ou-chargé ifc valves

Check valves (different types and designs) for clear , charged or residual water

Vanne-Murale vraco

Penstock valve

Vanne-Déversoir vraco

Spillway / weir penstock valve

Clapet-de-Nez ifc valves

Swing check valve

Soupape-pression_dépression ifc valves

Pressure vacuum relief valve

Registre-Papillon-et-multiventelles ifc valves

Butterfly dampers, single and multiblades

Robinet-à-Membrane ifc valves

Diaphragm valve

Vanne-Haute-Corrosion-à-double ifc valves

Double High Corrosion Valve

Coude-et-aiguillage-sphérique-anti-abrasion ifc valves

Anti abrasion elbows, multiport fittings and anti abrasion valves

Why to prefer IFC?

Our firm, in 1993, was the first to commercialize ball valves integrating environmental protection requirements (T.A. LUFT et Clean Air Act) regarding fugitive emissions.

Corporate Market

Customers are essentially chemical and petrochemical industries, Oil and Gas, petroleum Industries, Food production, paper industry, Energy and water treatment, iron smelting, Waste incineration plants (MWIP), installation of anti pollution equipment, gaz treatment and cement plants, ship building, etc.

Our strengths and assets: reactivity, flexibility, substantial stock of products, ISO certified, multilingual staff: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish. Also service delivery to industrial companies (technical recommendations on flow sheet, mounting, assembly of accessories, repair, restoring of equipment, etc.)

Quality: IFC is ISO 9001 certified (AFAQ)

_150Afaq_9001 VERSION 2011

and strategy

  • Industrial companies reorganize their procurement and supply policy and choose to outsource certain functions (precedently carried out internally by their Engineering and Research department) such as technical specification review, requirements, providing adequate human ressources able to offer individual valves solutions, tailored to customers'needs. They delegate to competent and ISO 9001 certified logisticians, such I.F.C., the procurement. This requires from a human-size company such as I.F.C., to reset their own organization, rethink their business model, to respond to industrial requirements while guaranteeing quality, flexibility, attractive costs, tracking products and traceability


  • Since the end of 2004, integrating VRACO fund and products, IFC has a solid foundation of expertise, based on knowledge and long experience (since 1975) in complementary fields, combining an integrated structure including Studies, Research & Development, Production, Quality Control, with a panel of references in the most significant industrial sectors


  • The synergies obtain from its Research and Development Department, its experience and technological expertise allow I.F.C. to continuously develop new products for its Customer's specific applications.